Troisieme, pronounced (Twa Zee Em) was founded in 2012 by James Bradford III. A Graduate of the Tuskegee University, with a degree in mechanical engineering, Bradford’s vision for clothing design stems from his education, as well as the university’s views on both engineering and architecture are synonymous. High end development, and the nurturing of style, Troisieme aims to reset the standards on TEXTURE, FUNCTION, and DESIGN.

Gone are the days of transitioning from business to casual, struggle and indecisiveness between casual and street wear. Troisieme intertwines both seamlessly with an elegance like none other. Built to be classic yet contemporary, nostalgic but also innovative. Troisieme combines French styling (slimmer fit, tailored lines) as well as extreme focus on quality fabrics, garment use, Durable design down to each meticulously patterned stitch. All telling the story of the common person with uncommon taste.

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  • CL.Billie

    $103 $33

    Blended Cotton Oxford Style Shirt with Bordeaux Suede Accents. Bordeaux Suede Inside Cuffs, inside collar stand and under collar to provide texture to the plaid. Tapered to slim fitting to prevent bunching. Two inches longer in the rear to prevent untucking. Dart insert on the sleeve to follow the contours of the elbow.

  • ROI Tee


    Crest Tee Embroidered Patch. 100% cotton. Variation will Occur.

  • Cyclisme Socks


    These socks are designed with versatility in mind and features a blend of polypropylene, nylon and spandex. The Cyclisme sock provides a compression fit, performance ribbing, enhanced ventilation and a reduced friction profile. Soft enough to wear in the office, yet durable to withstand any sporting done after hours. One Size - US 7-12

  • Third Èn French Tee Custom


    Third Èn French Custom Tee Embroidered. 100% cotton. Variation will Occur. Made in USA.