The Nile: History's Greatest River

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"In his vivid travelogue and cultural history, the Norwegian professor Terje Tvedt journeys from mouth to source, presenting a deluge of detail about the sediments of history, folklore and nature along the Nile's banks... Tvedt, switching effortlessly from history to reportage, also brings the Nile into the present with discursions on everything from Barack Obama's family origins in Kenya and George W Bush's role in South Sudan's gaining independence in 2011 to Idi Amin feeding human bodies to the crocodiles." --New Statesman


"When Terje Tveldt's survey of the great river leaves Egypt for the upper reaches, we begin to learn some satisfyingly arcane facts... For those with time to spare - perhaps when taking a long sail up the great river - the book has much to offer if treated as a compendium to dip into judiciously." -- The Spectator


"A fascinating insight into the lifeblood of Africa. Written with an extraordinary eye for detail and a wonderful blend of genres." --Levison Wood - Explorer, Writer and Photographer


"Professor Tvedt's book is a love-letter to the Nile's history and a map of the future of the world's longest river." -- Judith Bunbury, author of The Nile and Ancient Egypt (2019)


"An expert weaver's tapestry of history, ecology, and politics on the world's greatest river. Lucky are the armchair travelers who join Terje Tvedt on this engaging odyssey up the Nile and across millennia." --Dan Morrison, Author of The Black Nile (2010)