Uncommon Leadership

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In Uncommon Leadership, performance coach and motivational consultant Ben Newman takes you inside the minds and hearts of eleven exceptional individuals: athletes, coaches, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and others whose unrelentingly high performance has made them not only the best in their fields but also unquestioned leaders in sports, business, and life. Ben breaks it down, honing in on the core qualities that drive these trailblazers to push for the best in themselves and others, every single day.

If you're looking for more in your life-your career, your relationships, your industry, or your personal performance-Ben Newman's Uncommon Leadership will give you the keys you need to unlock your best self. You'll learn how to adapt the principles of proven leaders to maximize your own potential. You'll see how some of today's top-performing people have tapped into their own core strengths, and with Ben's advice, you'll gain focus for identifying and tapping into yours.

If you want to unleash the champion inside you, there's no better way than to study and imitate other champions who have paved the way. Let Ben Newman's Uncommon Leadership give you the inside track to becoming all that you can be.