Unmarked - SF-ZERO

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This is a classic Mexican sneaker, reworked by Unmarked using leather instead of canvas, we found it in a flea market in the heart of Mexico City.

*Upper: Wet White Leather upper with Goat Skin suede detailing
*Insole: Vegetable Tanned Footbed with Cork cushioning
*Laces: waxed cotton laces
*Outsole: 540 degree stitching on natural rubber
*Pure brass eyelets
*Construction: 540 Degree stitched rubber outsole (color match side wall and multicolor bottom)

*ON-DEMAND: This style process will take up to 15 days to be shipped. Our boots are maintained on the last for 3 days to have a perfect and long lasting shape.
*Overproduction in fashion is one of the world’s biggest environmental threats. We refuse to make that problem worse. Our On-demand production system allows us to accurately anticipate demand levels prior to production, so we only produce the amount of shoes we’re really going to sell. For you, this means waiting a little longer for your precious shoes, but knowing that you are contributing to a better world.