Do Not Erase: Mathematicians and Their Chalkboards

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Even as other disciplines have moved toward using whiteboards and projectors in their teaching and research, the mathematics community has largely remained wedded to the chalkboard. Chalkboards are not only an important tool for mathematical thought, but also a mainstay of mathematical culture-so much so that mathematicians have been known to stockpile particular types of chalk. In Do Not Erase, photographer Jessica Wynne explores the role of the chalkboard in mathematics through a series of photographs of mathematicians' chalkboards and accompanying essays. This book pays homage to the mathematician's cherished chalk board as a means to unlocking mathematical creative expression. The photographs, of which there are approximately one hundred, provide a glimpse into the teaching, research, and creative work of mathematicians around the world, from the United States to Europe to Brazil. Each photograph is accompanied by an essay on the facing page, written by the mathematician whose chalkboard is featured in the photograph. The essays vary in length and style; they provide insights into each mathematician's work, background, and research process, and reflect on the chalkboard as a medium for mathematical expression. Taken together, the photos and essays convey both the conceptual and visual beauty of the discipline-as well as its diversity. In addition to the photographs and essays, the book will include biographical information about each mathematician and an introduction by the author