Superhero Culture Wars: Politics, Marketing, and Social Justice in Marvel Comics

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The reactionary Comicsgate campaign against alleged "forced" diversity in superhero comics revealed the extent to which comics have become a key battleground in America's Culture Wars. In the first in-depth scholarly study of Marvel Comics' most recent engagement with progressive politics, Superhero Culture Wars explores how the drive towards greater diversity among its characters and creators has interacted with the company's commercial marketing and its traditional fan base.


Along the way the book covers such topics as:


- Major characters such as Miles Morales's Spider-man, Kamala Khan's Ms. Marvel, Jane Foster's Thor, Sam Wilson's Captain America and the Secret Empire series' turncoat Captain America
- Creators such as G. Willow Wilson, Jason Aaron, Nick Spencer and Michael Bendis
- Marketing, the Marvel Universe, and online fan culture

Superhero Culture Wars
demonstrates how the marketing of Marvel comics as politically progressive has both indelibly shaped its in-world universe and characters, and led to conflicts between its corporate interests, its creators, and it audience.